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Matt Hoyt wins at Legion Speedway, Bobby Hackel and Dan Douville tops at Devils Bowl Speedway

It was a doubleheader weekend for the Sprint Cars of New England powered by with a Friday night appearance at The Legion Speedway in Wentworth, NH followed by Twin 20-Lap Features Sunday at The Devils Bowl Speedway in West Haven, VT.

Friday night at Legion Speedway looked to have the makings of another Will Hull benefit show as Hull immediately jumped to the lead when the race commenced and put a large distance between him and second place runner Jake Williams. The first caution of the event flew with twelve laps complete for Christine Boesch and Mike Kondrat, who got tangled up on the backstretch, knocking both out of the race. On the restart Hull once again started to pull away from Williams with Matt Hoyt running third. Coming off turn two on lap seventeen leader Will Hull coasted to a stop on the backstretch, a victim of a throttle linkage problem. Hull slowed so quick that Jake Williams spun after contacting the rear of Hull. Hull was pushed to the pits and was able to repair the problem and rejoin the field in the rear along with Jake Williams, this handed the lead to Matt Hoyt. Once the race went green Hoyt remained in charge with Lacey Hanson settling into second. The front duo remained the same for the remainder of the event with Matt Hoyt taking the win, his third of the year. Lacey Hanson was second with Jake Williams recovering for third. Will Hull and Dennis McLeod comprised the rest of the top five.

Sunday at Devils Bowl Speedway it was twin 20 Features only with no Qualifying events. In the first Feature Will Hull blasted into the lead from his fourth starting spot before the first lap was complete with Dennis McLeod second. The race didn't stay green long though as Christine Boesch went up in a cloud of smoke and Dan Douville slipped up slid over the top of turn one. On the restart Hull once again took command with Lacey Hanson getting by McLeod for second on the restart with Clay Dow up to third. The man on the move was Bobby Hackel as he ran fourth on lap six after starting tenth. While Will Hull was motoring away up front Hackel continued his march toward the front, taking third from Dow on lap fourteen and second from Hanson on lap seventeen. While it didn't look like Bobby Hackel would catch Will Hull he did just that using the low line, taking the lead after the white flag flew and motored to the win. A disappointed Will Hull was second with Lacey Hanson third. Clay Dow and Adam Pierson completed the top five.

The Second Feature saw Jake Williams take the lead from the fourth starting spot at the start of the event with Luke Klob running second. By lap six Peter Dance assumed second and started to run down Williams, taking the lead at the halfway point of the event with Matt Hoyt also sliding by Williams, dropping him to third. By the three quarter mark of the Feature Dan Douville had rim rode to third after starting eighth, but looked to be too far back to challenge for the win. With just three laps left Douville got the break he needed as Clay Dow went up in smoke on the backstretch, causing the only caution of the event. On the restart Douville took to the high side and flew to the lead before the cars hit the backstretch. As the white flag flew Bobby Hackel made a low side move just like in the first Feature, this time moving from fourth to second. At the conclusion it was Dan Douville taking his second win of the season at Devils Bowl Speedway. Bobby Hackel was second with Matt Hoyt third. Will Hull and Peter Dance rounded out the top five.

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Photos Courtesy of Alan Ward

Legion Speedway, August 10th, 2018 (25 Laps)

  1.  Matt Hoyt
  2.  Lacey Hanson
  3.  Jake Williams
  4.  Will Hull
  5.  Dennis McLeod
  6.  Mike Kondrat
  7.  Christine Boesch
  8.  Dan Bowne-DNS

Devils Bowl Speedway, August 12th, 2018

First Feature (20 Laps)

  1.  Bobby Hackel
  2.  Will Hull
  3.  Lacey Hanson
  4.  Clay Dow
  5.  Adam Pierson
  6.  Matt Hoyt
  7.  Dan Douville
  8.  Peter Dance
  9.  Mike Kondrat
  10. Jake Williams
  11. Dennis McLeod
  12. Luke Klob
  13. Rick Stone
  14. Sean Durand
  15. Christine Boesch

Second Feature (20 Laps)

  1.  Dan Douville
  2.  Bobby Hackel
  3.  Matt Hoyt
  4.  Will Hull
  5.  Peter Dance
  6.  Jake Williams
  7.  Adam Pierson
  8.  Lacey Hanson
  9.  Dennis McLeod
  10. Luke Klob
  11. Mike Kondrat
  12. Sean Durand
  13. Rick Stone
  14. Clay Dow
  15. Christine Boesch-DNS



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